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We are professional locksmiths based in Horsham having more than ten years of experience in the locksmith industry. We take pride in providing our customers with professional and reliable services. We fix your problems instantly and fulfill all your lock and security needs seamlessly with fair rates.

We offer residential, commercial, and complete automotive locksmith services. Our services extend to auto key replacements and safe boxes. Our expertise in locks, keys, and security equipment helps us to provide you with hassle-free experiences and professional locksmith services on the go.

Protecting our property is one of the most important thing that we must do. This does not apply only to our personal property and car, but also to our business property as well and sometimes even more. A simple lock will not work if you have valuable equipment in your shop. Or imagine that you are running a jewelry. In that case the importance of high security is even greater.

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Emergency Door Opening
Locks supplied & fitted to BS3621
Lock Replacement / Installation
Locks and handles repaired
Locks to cabinets and postboxes
Anti-snap/bump cylinders
Replacement cylinders & levers for existing locks
Break in repairs, additional security upgrade
Damaged door and door frame repairs
Boarding up door and window service
uPVC mechanism repair/replacements
Windows Locks
Auto Locksmith
uPVC door and window installations
Lock Opening, Change & Repair
Car Door Unlocking
Metal Door / Window Repair and Welding
Door Installation & Repair
Control Acess Systems
UPVC System Repair
24/7 Emergency Locksmiths
House Lockout
Rekeying Service
Residential Lock Replacement and Installation
Smart Locks For Your Home
Keyless Door Services
Residential Key Extraction
Most of the problems with locking devices are typical. These may be design flaws, which often appear after installation and signing the certificate of completion, various operational flaws, hooligan actions of third parties, etc. Our local Horsham company offers a wide range of emergency locksmith services. We guarantee high-quality work performance with subsequent guarantees. Namely:
· Replacement, repair and emergency opening of metal doors. Installation of customer's doors.

· Installation / maintenance / repair of sectional, sliding and automatic gates.

· Installation of simple and high-security locks. Namely, levers and cylinders (Cisa, Mottura, Evva, Abloy); electromagnetic and electromechanical locks (Abloy, Cisa, Mottura).

· Opening of locks in metal, plastic and wooden doors regardless of the location and time of day. Our locksmith crew opens doors without damage. In 50 % of cases, the door locks remain functional as well. We require proof of ownership for the provision of services. A qualified locksmith can open locks of any complexity.

· 24/7 emergency opening of cars without damage in Horsham and the surrounding areas.

· Opening of safes. Professional locksmith crew can open safes of all modifications.
Our locksmith company has accumulated extensive experience not only in opening front / interior door locks, safes and cars but also in terms of repairing various locking mechanisms. Each locksmith in our team works and resides in Horsham. If you want lock replacement after door opening, we have a large selection of devices from budget to expensive models that will fully meet your security requirements. You need to express your wishes to the locksmith during the call processing and clarify the lock's cost and work on its replacement. It is not excluded that an experienced locksmith will be able to keep the old lock in working order after promptly opening the door.

Local Horsham locksmith is engaged in the quick opening of locks in metal doors, cars and home safes as accurately as possible (subsequent repairs, if required, will be minimal). It takes about 20 minutes for our locksmith to arrive at the site; the opening procedure can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour.
Imagine a situation, you are at the front door of your own apartment, and the lock refuses to let you in your cosy home. No one is insured from being locked out of the house, even if the doors are fitted with the most expensive locking devices on the market. In such situations, efficiency can be of utmost importance if a child or elderly person is in the room. Therefore, you may need to call a professional locksmith for a quick gain of entry.
First of all, do not try to open the unyielding door yourself. Any lock, even the simplest system, has its own peculiarities and a complex mechanism that can be damaged even by accidental pressing. Therefore, it often happens that independent attempts greatly complicate the task for the locksmith. In addition, such actions often lead to damage to the door and lock, which in some cases cost a lot of money.

The second thing that you should avoid is trying to enter the apartment from the outside, either through neighbours or through a window (if the apartment is on the ground floor). In addition to the fact that it can be simply dangerous as no one is safe from injuries due to falls, especially vigilant citizens can call law enforcement officers, and you will have to spend a lot of time on unpleasant explanations and replies. It is obvious that calling a local Horsham locksmith will help prevent unpleasant consequences and solve the problem quickly and efficiently, without any significant losses.
The dispatcher promptly processes your call and sends the nearest locksmith to the indicated address. Considering the fact that we work in various districts of Horsham, the arrival of a locksmith will take literally only a few minutes. Also, we work without lunch breaks and days off, including holidays. Therefore, whenever a problem occurs, the issue is resolved with lightning speed. You can count on us 24 hours a day for a swift response to an emergency.
· The colossal experience of our locksmith team is not an empty phrase. Over several years of the company's existence, we have learned how to work with various types of locks; we know the mechanisms and principles of many systems, including rare models. Therefore, the experience is what allows us to provide reliable locksmith services.

· Guaranteed quality of work. Excellent knowledge of all systems and mechanisms gives us confidence in our work. We know how to work with the most sophisticated designs of locking devices on the market, be it electromechanical, magnetic, coded or biometrical systems. The locking mechanism can be quite expensive, and its installation is even more expensive, so careful locksmith work gives hope that the correct functionality of the locking device will be preserved. Nevertheless, if there was a breakdown, and it was established that it happened through our fault, then we will definitely compensate you for the caused damage.

· Work efficiency. As mentioned earlier, mobile locksmith units are located in different districts of Horsham, so we do not force our clients to spend hours in anxious waiting. In addition, we are sympathetic to the situation - after all, sometimes a baby is crying behind a locked door, or an animal suffers, there is a threat of fire or flooding, so quick actions of a locksmith can spell the difference between life and death. The gain of entry by our locksmith crew to locked premises in Horsham does not take much time.

· Reasonable prices for locksmith services. We work at average market prices without overcharging or offering ultra-low prices for the services of our company. Quality is important to us because then, our hard work is paid off as our clients recommend us to their friends and relatives. An honest name and reputation are invaluable for any business, and something that can't be bought, only earned. We offer a flexible system of discounts for the elderly, veterans, disabled people and other vulnerable groups of the population.

· Consultations and recommendations. It often happens that the opened lock cannot be repaired and restored. Even if the repair is possible, we do not recommend taking risks; otherwise, the situation may repeat itself, only the consequences will be direr. At the same time, we do not deceive our customers in hopes of making extra money. We care about your personal safety, the safety of your loved ones and property, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the locksmith will offer the best possible solution for your situation. By the way, reliability and high quality can sometimes be synonymous; you should not think that a good lock must have a high price tag. Our knowledge and experience are at your service!
Quite often, drivers are faced with a non-standard problem when it is necessary to open car doors. The reasons for contacting an auto locksmith can be very diverse:
· Stolen or lost keys, including cases when the keys are left inside with the engine running and the driver has only one set. Also, a passenger (for example, a child) can block the doors from the inside.

· Deformed key. A bent or broken piece does not fit into the lock.

· Faulty electrical wiring. The lock stops working correctly due to a power failure.

· Damage to the keyhole when a foreign object is introduced into the locking mechanism.

· Discharged battery. The car does not respond to remote control commands.

· Influence of temperature. A frozen lock does not open after not being used for a long time.
The car owner should always remain vigilant to prevent the above situations from happening. Many people try to solve the problem independently by finding a suitable set of keys, opening car doors with improvised tools, and simply breaking windows. Such unprofessional actions only exacerbate the situation. You can accidentally damage the central lock, which will lead to huge expenses in the future. Therefore, the best course of action is to call a qualified auto locksmith who can gain access without damage.
If you need to open a safe in Horsham and the surrounding areas, make new or duplicate keys to the safe, recode or change the lock, you can request locksmith services by calling us or submitting an online form; our team member will get back to you in a few seconds.

We work with all brands of safes, including Diplomat, Aiko, Safeguard, Safetronics and many others. Our crew has the knowledge and tools to reset electronic locks on site, thus saving the customer's time and money. The cost of opening safes is calculated individually in each case based on the safe model, breakdown cause and location. The locksmith determines the exact cost after an on-site assessment.

Services for the opening of safes are widely advertised on the Internet but believe us, there are only a few good specialists. We discuss the work plan in advance and warn about possible problems that may occur during the opening of the safe; our main task is to access your safe contents without damage! Give us a call; trust the professionals. We have built our reputation over the years, and we value it very much.
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